Forwad March! Sta. Cruz - Mayor Teresita Corpuz Valle


June 15, 2012

LGU Sta. Cruz Introduces Innovations For Public Service


The LGU-Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur marked very high in the 2008-2010 LGPMS (Local Government Performance Management System) that we were qualified as contender to the “Gawad Pamana ng Lahi Award”, an award for Exemplary Performance in Local Governance.

The Provincial Evaluators of DILG visited our office and requested up for the list of various innovations our town introduced during the last 3 years, i.e. 2008-2010, innovations that are improvements in internal administration system, improvement in internal controls, engaging CSO’s and the public sector and communicating to the public, and which are recognized by reputable institution of learning, research or of policy studies.

Innovations are referred to those initiatives that are deliberately designed to address gaps along the following:

A. Administrative Governance

B. Social Governance

C. Economic Governance

D. Environmental Governance

E. Valuing the fundamentals of Good Governance


The innovations LGU introduced are the following:



1. Weekly reporting of accomplishment per office every Monday during the flag ceremony by LGU and National department heads, NGOs are invited to talk about their sector.

2. Creation of special office for OFW assistance

3. Sangguniang Bayan adoption of participative budgeting with barangay officials defending their budget.

4. Devolution of functions of HLURB to the LGU.

5. Negotiate, transact with souse city, Japan for the donation of ambulance and fire truck

6. Accepting OJTs for office practice and development

7. Provide summer jobs employment to students

8. Strict compliance with the Citizen’s charter for efficient and effective service to the people

9. Allow employees to attend seminars conducted by OSC

10. Value Orientation Program Training organized by the LGU thru the help of CSC, attended by all employees and officials.

11. News letter established named “ARRIBA” comes out every quarter. Articles are contributed by employees and officials

12. One stop shop during licensing period or month

13. Revenue Code approved and implemented

14. Provided water system and spring development for potable water to various barangays.

15. Maintain a good relationship with different agencies, congressman and senators for funding of various projects in the LGU




1. Bloodletting conducted thrice a year

2. Operation Tuli conducted yearly – 300 boys circumcised

3. Annual Free ligation conducted

4. Responsible parenthood lectures conducted with culminating events: “Mass Wedding” and “Mass Baptism”

5. Medical Mission conducted in barangays every month.

6. Everyday operation Barangay Visitation

7. Annual Barangay Health Workers Municipal convention

8. Children’s Day Celebration on October – many prizes are given to the children

9. Regular Physical Fitness Program of employees, Officials and PNP

10. Annual medical check-up of employees

11. Annual Food Handler’s Seminars

12. Search for Healthy Mother and Child yearly

13. The Rural Health center is equipped with X-ray, complete laboratory & blood chemistry and ECG

14. Seminar on Red Cross 143

15. Massive campaign against dengue and spraying of chemical against dengue




1. Distribution of Agricultural equipment like kuliglig, hose, knapsack sprayer and water pumps to different associations

2. Distributions of fishing paraphernalia to fishermen like payao, fishing nets and motorized bancas

3. Provided “ Tulong para sa mga disadvantaged”

4. Use of organic fertilizer – verni compost

5. Massive Anti – Rabies Vaccination of dogs

6. Hemosep Vaccination in all barangays

7. Massive Artificial insemination of cattle’s in all barangays

8. Regular coastal clean-up

9. Planting of mangrove along coastal

10. Distribution of vegetable seeds

11. Provided flat-bed driver which is an income generating facility

12. Livelihood trainings to Rural Improvement (Club (RIC)



1. Conducted Training on February 2010 – April 2010 on Carpentry – 26, Masonry – 15, Rural electrification – 33 and small engine repair – 26 for a total of 10% OSYs – funded by LGU thru a MOA with TESDA

2. No issuance of realty Tax records without payment of realty Taxes

3. Maintenance of Tax Mapping Records to ensure No Duplication of records in the office of the assessor

4. Conduct of Massive Tax Campaign during April – May and Nov. – Dec. each year

5. Granting of 10% discount on Taxes to blood donors

6. Computerization of assessment records – initiative of the office of the Mun. Assessor

7. Availed loans with land Bank of the Phil. For the Construction of Public Market, Slaughterhouse and Pigpen for better and improve resources generation

8. Established a garbage collection fee and extended the collection from the 4 Poblacion barangays, public market and barangay along the national highway

9. Allow the use of the sports complex for commercial and promotional activities with fee

10. Placing money of LGU to High yield time Deposit for Interest

11. Offering “IPON” fry concession for public bidding

12. Conducted Training on “Cosmetology and Hair Science” for livelihood



1. Provided musical instruments to high schools

2. Distributed books to elementary and high school pupils and students, public and private schools.

3. Distributed classroom chairs to elementary schools.

4. Installation of Knowledge Channel” to different schools thru LGU –PMFTC

5. Continuous giving by PMFTCI of school buildings to different schools



1. Case management among parties on count cases related to child and women abuse

2. Provision of assistance to emergency cases

3. LGU provides crutches, wheelchairs and walking devices to PWDs

4. Employment of disabled in the LGU

5. Provision of food assistance to Muslims

6. Annual “Handog Pamasko” to PWDs, indigents and Senior Citizens

7. Distribution and installation of electricity to households without power funded by LGU

8. Provision of kitchen utensils to different association particularly for their catering services

9. Provision of tools like welding machine, wrench and other tools to craftsmen who are willing to work & for entrepreneurship

10. Awarding recognition to centennary residents

11. Annual Gift giving to Senior Citizens and PWDs

12. Assistance in bringing home a deceased OFW

13. LGU funded the establishment of senior Citizen’s Drug Store which is in operation

14. Functional Senior Citizen’s Cooperative

15. Mortuary fund of senior Citizens with bible service conducted

16. Conduct regular assembly meetings in barangays with the attendance of PNP and SWO

17. Lakbay Aral of Day Care children and Day Care workers



1. Municipality evaluation on clean and green by Municipal evaluators to ensure continuous clean environment – awarding every town Fiesta on December

The aforementioned innovations provide the improvements being enjoyed by the constituents of this town. The present administration under the able leadership of Hon. Teresita C. Valle, Municipal Mayor and Hon. Virgilio J. Valle, Municipal Vice Mayor never stops introducing innovations for the betterment of service in LGU-Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur, innovations worthy to emulate.