Forwad March! Sta. Cruz - Mayor Teresita Corpuz Valle


June 19, 2012



The Overseas Employment Project of Mayor Teresita Valle and Vice Mayor Virgilio Valle has helped employ Sta. Cruzinians by sending them abroad. Skilled workers, farmers, tomato pickers and cowgirls from Sta. Cruz were already sent to Brunei and Japan. No placement fee is gathered and only a minimum fee for training, medical expenses, securing passports is collected. For those who want to improve their lives by going abroad but do not have the means, the Vice Mayor offers financial assistance for them.

The following is a list of the Sta. Cruzinians  (from July to September 2011) who have passed the interviews and are now earning abroad:

Skilled Workers (Brunei)

  1. George Bal-ut
  2. Elmer Raganit
  3. Reynaldo Ola
  4. Efren Jadormio
  5. Sesinado Javillonar
  6. Joselito Gansaen
  7. Arnel Lozano
  8. Peter Boquing
  9. Ronald Cumay-ao
  10. Ludivico Javonitalla
  11. Jimmy Haban
  12. Engr. R. Lazaro
  13. Engr. Jerry Gabuat
  14. Arnel Miranda


Dairy Farmers (Japan)

  1. Raquel Quilop
  2. Mary Anne Grace Bustillo
  3. Sheena Navor
  4.  Richilda Ruiz
  5. Maribel Reyes
  6.  Jennalyn Castillo
  7. Rona Barbado
  8. Fredilyn Bago


Tomato Farmers (Japan)

  1. Melanie Dingle
  2.  Chona Galuga